Royal Garden Party

Royal Invite
Royal Mail

Back in February 2011 I received a letter from the Lord Lieutenant's Office asking if I would attend a Royal Garden Party if invited. It was totally unexpected and very exciting, yet daunting. I had to choose a date and state who would accompany me. Naturally I wanted my Daughter to come and only one date was totally suitable for her.
The official invitation seen above, did not arrive until the beginning of June. I was starting to think I had been turned down for some reason but Karen and I had decided to buy train tickets and we would have time together in London whatever. We bought tickets on line one night and the next day our invitations arrived!
I had been looking at dresses etc but had not seen anything that I felt I MUST HAVE. I had been looking at expensive stuff and begrudging the cost as I am not a dress person any more and I never go to dressy events. One day, I was walking along the shopping street in Haverfordwest when a dress in the window of Edinburgh Woollen Mill took my eye. It was a MUST HAVE. They only had one and it fitted me and it was a third of the cost of the ones I had been looking at. It is washable, easy to wear and I will be happy to wear it any time. It was shown with a white cardigan and I had the same cardigan at home in black. As I also have a black leather, posh handbag, I borrowed a black hat from my neighbour. I have trimmed it just a little with some cream feathers and ribbon and Karen and I went to Cardiff where we both managed to buy reasonable but good shoes. I think she plans to make a fascinator after finding one that suited her so we are all set now.

Palace2 (2)

Well, this is how I will look. These photos are taken by me on a timer and it is very hard to pose confidently after running to position and not having a clue what you look like. I have not put make up on for the pictures but I doubt I will use much anyway.

I hope to get pictures of Karen and, of course, the both of us

I have found another cardigan that I had forgotten about and I think it looks better. It will be warmer if the day is like today! Have been looking up reports on Garden Parties to see what happens if it rains. Basically we run for cover!