FAQs Contd 2

Two people think their African Pygmy might have lungworm and want to treat it themselves

Sorry, the answer to that is you have to take it to the Vet and take a poo sample. Although they cannot always be seen in the poo there could be traces of eggs at least. The medication is strong and has to be prescribed by the Vet. Word of warning here. Lungworm comes from their food, in Britain it is mostly carried by slugs. Pygmy hogs should be fed live food like meal worms so do check your source. Unless your Pygmy hog has access to wild food, it should NOT be picking up internal parasites.

Can my pets catch mange from a hedgehog?  Quick answer....YES

Why do hedgehogs die when they lose their fleas? This is an old wives tale. Few hedgehogs have fleas nowadays, I have only had two in 13 years years. I have heard the tale though.