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When I created this web site, I did not have a Facebook page for the hedgehogs.
Now I have and it is updated and lively pretty much every day. It seems more sensible to place you a link here and you can see the progress of everything in the Hogspital and saves duplication of effort. You will see that Pembrokeshire Hogspital is now under new management and moved to Sutton West Farm, where it is run by Ginny and Russ of Silent World.
I (Beryl) still help and advise where necessary but, am needed less and less. I decided that the time had come to hand over the reins to ensure that the Hogspital continues to run after I am no longer able to run it. Although I intend to be around for quite a while, I knew it would be difficult to find anyone to take on the task but, I was very lucky and Ginny and Russ agreed right away. They are ideal as they have room to expand and there are two of them to share the work. These are the two things that I needed

You will be able to see new admissions, catch up with chat and all that is happening at Pembrokeshire Hogspital every day. The Pages of hedgehog admissions will no longer be needed on here. Even new videos will be readily available on Facebook.

It is important to establish that we deal with the European Wild Hedgehog on this site. The Media doesn't know the difference between that and the African Pygmy and frequently uses the wrong pictures in reports. Both hogs need entirely different conditions. I have included some detail for the Pygmies but refer you to a specialist web site

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