Karen toileting hedgehog

Pop your babies into a woolly hat or into some fleece and get them into the warm while you prepare their feed.

Esbilac and colostrum are mixed 50/50 and both will only keep about 24 hrs so mix enough to last the day (and night as you will not be sleeping) and decant the unused liquids into ice cube bags and freeze. When making the subsequent feeds, just take out the same number of cubes of Esbilac and colostrum and the mix is right! Goats milk can just be kept in the fridge.

Warm the feed to a little over room temperature and grab a baby. If it is not white, wrap it in a flannel to hold it. Keep it fairly tight under its chin so it cannot hide its face and try to keep its paws inside. (Excuse me as I chuckle whilst picturing this. Not as easy as it sounds)
If the baby is white, it needs bubble wrap outside the flannel to insulate it. See the video of Heebie, Jeebie and Jitters being fed on the video page)