About Resident Hogs

Although the aim of the Hogspital is to return the hedgehogs to the wild, sometimes this is not possible. In some cases a lot of time, effort, love and money is spent before we have to finally give up and accept that the hedgehog will never cope in the wild. It would take a very hard heart to be able to terminate a life at this point so there are a few resident hedgehogs under the umbrella of the Hogspital, though they do not necessarily live on the premises.


HOGIE was about 5 weeks old when he came to me but had been looked after since around 2 weeks old by a Vet Nurse. He had probably been thrown out by Mum as he had several problems, which we have gradually ironed out but he does still have a balance problem. It could stem from his brain, ears or eyes but he leads a happy life at Milford Haven. He has his garden pen but is allowed the freedom of the garden each summer night for a few hours. He is very definitely a wild hedgehog, putting up with very little petting and remaining nocturnal. He also hibernates and this year he went to sleep in August so we did think the winter would be bad! (2011)

Sadly, Hogie passed away this week, Jan 8th 2018 at the age of 11 years.

Shanie caught her front leg in an old fire screen that had been left in a garden. She hung from this leg, dislocating the elbow as well. Must have been in agony. The elbow was put back in place but there was severe nerve damage and she dragged the leg, wearing a hole across the elbow. I kept her in a smallish cage on soft material and, when it was cold, I put her into the conservatory, hoping she would hibernate. This she did. When she woke, she did have more movement in her leg and was walking on the knuckle for a while then, suddenly, she started to put her foot down properly. Her walking got better and better and I felt she needed more natural conditions to strengthen her muscles and stop her limping when she ran. She moved to my foster carer's walled garden and settled in well. There she met Laurie, who had suffered a very severe ear infection and who had a very slight wobble left from it but was living happily in the garden. She had three babies last year and another two this year.
Unfortunately Laurie died in the late summer but he must have been quite an old man. Shanie will remain with us now as she, too, is getting quite old. Her babies were and will be released into the wild.