About me

Tumble the hedgehog receiving treatment for abscess

In the year 2016, I decided that I needed to expand and also have full time help but neither were possible so, in the best interests of the hedgehogs, I decided to take a step back and hand the Hogspital over to fresh managers. I asked some friends of mine who already worked with exotic animals, used the same Vet as me and couldn't take holidays. They also had oceans of space. I was delighted when they agreed to take over.
The handover took around a year as they had to learn about hedgehogs and we had to find funding for a large shed before we could move all the cages. Lush (makers of soaps and beauty products) came up with the funding. They had funded us once before and a link is on a previous page. Once the shed was up, all my Hogspital cages from the shed and garage were transfered to their new location. ICU stayed with me so all new cases came to me until they were well enough to move and complete their treatment and be released.
I would give my friends a call every time something came in they needed to see and, at the end of the year, ICU moved to its new location.
In 2017, I had two cages here for emergencies but, generally, everything was going to the new Hogspital. All the fund raising moved, the Facebook page etc. The only thing left to move now is the web site. As I linked it to Facebook, it is always up to date and there is very little to do nowadays on here.
Earlier this year, 2018, I suffered a minor stroke and, although I am alright, I have stepped right back. It feels odd seeing other people getting the credit for what I used to do and being asked the things I used to be asked but I am SO thankful the Hogspital lives on and the hedgehogs are well cared for. Long may it go on.