About Ginny and Russ

We have all been friends for many years. Ginny and Russ used to run their "reptile zoo" called Silent World in Tenby but moved it to their home near Haverfordwest and concentrated on school visits and reptile holding parties etc to educate and raise awareness of the animals, offering training and advice to people thinking of keeping reptiles.

When I needed to find someone to take over the Hogspital, they were the first people I asked as I knew how well their animals were cared for, we used the same Vet and they were already tied to the home. They had the space and dedication.

It took a year to do the handover as they had to be trained and we had to raise the money for a large shed. They started by taking the hedgehogs who had been treated but needed more care and they would see them through to release or hibernation. Intensive care was the last ward to move over.

I am now trying to find suitable photographs of them. Russ is easy but it seems to be impossible to find photos of Ginny.

This is Russ, not Rocky Shore Ginny is below, giving a talk about some of their other